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Equal Health Care, Education Equality, and Economic Empowerment


Minimum wage laws have been inadequate at addressing the rising cost of living. They have left workers who have invested time and experience in a job short of the regular pay raises they deserve.  We must go beyond these policies in favor of “living wage” laws to ensure that every wage worker at every level gets the regular pay increase they deserve. 

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Working people deserve not just fair wages, but thriving wages. Republican lawmakers support corporate interests to pay workers the bare minimum, entry-level wage while denying hard-working people the pay raises they have rightfully earned in the name of parity.  Minimum wage laws are an inadequate solution to keep wages rising for every working person. 

With inflation and prices going up year after year, it is more crucial than ever that we enact bold “living wage” legislation which will require employers to pay working people what they are worth and guarantee that all wage earners receive consistent and regular cost of living increases to give them the freedom to prosper.


Republicans have enabled loopholes in the law that allow employers to classify workers as “part-timers” and “contractors” instead of “employees” to get around their duty to provide healthcare to the people who work for them.  We must close these loopholes as well as direct the appropriate resources toward closing the language and cultural barriers that block underserved communities from the affordable healthcare they need to thrive.

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Everyone deserves the freedom to live happy, healthy lives.  Our communities, families, and children must be guaranteed access to the care that they need when they need it, without unnecessary barriers and costs standing in the way.  

Unfortunately, greedy politicians have allowed bad-faith employers to skirt their duty of providing high-quality and affordable healthcare to their workforce by classifying them as “part-timers” or “contractors” instead of “employees” deserving of full benefits.  

As your representative, Rey will work to close these loopholes and require that companies provide employees with the health care access they are entitled to. Additionally, he will fight to tear down the cultural and language barriers to healthcare access that Republicans knowingly ignore.  By working to secure the funding needed, we can bridge the gap between underserved communities and the care they need with well-funded outreach programs so that everyone gains access to the resources they need to live productive, healthy, and vibrant lives.


Every young person deserves the freedom to obtain a good education so they can earn a thriving wage. Because universities and trade schools provide vital pathways to successful futures, Rey will work hard to ensure that ALL people–black, brown, or white–have the affordable or free education they need for a vibrant future.

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People of all races, backgrounds, and ambitions have a right to an enriching education that opens up pathways to dreams and betterment for themselves and their families.  Sadly, the LEARNS Act has worked to serve those who want to maintain inequality in education access by improving education only for those who can already afford it, at the expense of those struggling.  

As your representative, Rey will build the coalition we need to stop this government-supported robbery of our public school systems by eliminating the voucher system and equalizing education between underserved communities and wealthy white ones.  We must ride the momentum of the education access initiatives already on the ballot to break barriers and deliver a pathway to scholarships, information, and financial assistance for historically disenfranchised students.